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Instant Messaging FAQ


Why is my Instant Messaging contact in 'pending' status?

See this faq entry.

Jabber/Google Talk doesn't work

Are you a non-US user trying to use Google Talk?
Try adding your @googlemail.com account rather than @gmail.com

Are you using Google Apps for your domain?
Make sure your SRV records are set up for your domain. See the instructions here.

Are you using your own jabber server?
Make sure your SRV records are set up for your domain. You can check this by running the commands:
    host -t SRV _xmpp-server._tcp.<your-domain>
    host -t SRV _jabber._tcp.<your-domain>

How do I chat with a group through instant messaging?

If you send a message to the group bot, it will be received by the rest of the group.

I removed the bot from my contact list, but it keeps trying to friend me. Why?

You need to leave the group before removing the bot from your contact list. You can do this by using the '@leave' command.

Why do you only support Jabber/Google Talk (GTalk)?

MSN, AIM and support for other instant messaging networks is coming soon!

How it works

Every group that is created comes with an instant messaging 'bot'. By sending a message to this bot, you are sending a message to the entire the group. When any member of the group sends you a message, the bot will forward that message to you.

For example, lets say you created a group called 'funtimes'. This group will have a bot called 'funtimes@chatterous.com'. By adding this bot to your jabber or google talk friends list, you can talk to the group.

Only Jabber and Google Talk are supported at the moment, but MSN, AIM and other instant messaging network support is coming soon.

Adding a group bot

There are two ways to add the group bot to your instant messaging client:
  1. Get a member of the group to add your instant messaging contact information to the group.
  2. Add the group bot to your friends list.
    Once the bot has been added, send the message '@join <passcode>'
    You will need to know the group passcode in order to start talking to the group.


The following is a list of commands you can send to a group bot:

Stop receiving messages from the group bot for 1 day. If you type in any reply, you will start receiving messages again.

Start receiving messages from the group bot.

Get a listing of valid commands.

Get a listing of members in the group.

@join <passcode>
Join the group. You will need to know the group passcode in order to start talking to the group. If the group is public, you do not need to enter a passcode.

@get #
Get the last # messages posted to the group (default is 1, max 100).

@snooze #
Stop getting messages for # minutes (default is 20).

Leave the group.

Switching to Instant Messaging

If you want to receive messages on im, simply type @go command to any group bot or send a message to any group from your im client. Once you've done this, all messages for all groups will go to your im client.