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Email FAQ

How it works

Every group that is created comes with it's own e-mail address By sending a message to this address, you are sending a message to the entire the group. When any member of the group sends you a message, you will get an e-mail. However, we aggregate messages in order to reduce the number of e-mails sent in an active group. The current aggregation time is 7 minutes, but we are working on making this configurable.

For example, lets say you created a group called 'funtimes'. This group will have the e-mail address 'funtimes@chatterous.com'. By e-mailing this address, you are sending that message to the entire group.


The following is a list of commands you can to a group e-mail address. Note that these commands must be entered in the body of the e-mail.

Stop receiving messages from this group for 1 day. If you send another e-mail to the group later on, you will start receiving messages again.

Start receiving messages from the group.

Get a listing of valid commands.

Get a listing of members in the group.

@join <passcode>
Join the group. You will need to know the group passcode in order to start talking to the group. If the group is public, you do not need to enter a passcode.

@get #
Get the last # messages posted to the group (default is 1, max 100).

@snooze #
Stop getting messages for # minutes (default is 20).

Switching to E-Mail

If you want to receive messages on e-mail, simply send the @go command to any group e-mail address or send an e-mail to any group. Once you've done this, all messages for all groups will go to your e-mail.


Why is my E-Mail contact in 'pending' status?

See this faq entry.

I want to receive my messages via e-mail, but nothing's showing up!

Please check your junk mail folder. It is possible that your e-mail client is treating the messages as junk mail.

Will I get a new e-mail for every text or gtalk message?

Nope - we figured that would get pretty annoying. Instead of sending you a new e-mail for every text or IM message, we collect everything that was said for a period of time and send it to you. For text messages, we try to aggregate as much as possible in real time so that your phone doesn't explode while having a very chatty conversation. Stay tuned for interesting developments in this space!