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What is a group passcode?

Passcodes allow people to join groups without having to ask the group creator to invite you. Simply navigate to the group URL and enter the passcode when prompted, and you will automatically join the group.

What is a group shortname?

Shortnames are an easy way to contact Chatterous groups. It's used as the group e-mail address (<group shortname>, Gtalk contact(<group shortname> and SMS contact(text CHTR <group shortname> <message> to 41411).

How can I join groups?

There are many ways to join a Chatterous group:
  • You can be invited by the group creator or any member of a group.
  • If you know the group passcode and shortname, you can join from jabber/google talk, email, phone or the web.
    • by email
      send @join <passcode> in the body to <group shortname>
    • by jabber/google talk
      add <group shortname> to your buddylist and send @join <passcode>
    • by web
      Navigate to the group url (<group shortname>) and enter the passcode
    • by phone
      Text CHTR JOIN <group shortname> <passcode> to 41411

Do you store usernames and passwords when you import my address book?

No, we do not store any usernames or passwords when you import your address book. We only use this information to retrieve your contacts.

Why is my contact "pending"?

When you add a piece of contact information, we need to verify that you are the owner of that email, google talk account or phone number. We send an email for gtalk and jabber contacts and a text message for phone numbers. If you didn't get the email check your junk-mail or try removing and re-adding your contact.

I forgot my password! How can I reset it?

If you have added an email, google talk or phone number, you can use this form. If you have not added any contact information, please send an e-mail .

Why is my group deactivated/deleted?

Groups that have had no activity for 90 days are deactivated. We notify the group owner prior to deactivation of a group. Groups are permanently deleted 30 days after deactivation (120 days after inactivity). At this point, the group short name can be claimed by another user.

How can I reach you if I have more questions?

Send us an email or leave us feedback on the left of this page.

How do I get Google Apps For Your Domain IM working?

Make sure your SRV records are set up for your domain. See the instructions here.
After that, you can add your IM contact to any Chatterous group.

I have my own Jabber server. How can I make it work with Chatterous?

Make sure your SRV records are set up for your domain. You can check this by running the commands:

host -t SRV _xmpp-server._tcp.<your-domain>
host -t SRV _jabber._tcp.<your-domain>

You should be able to add your jabber contact to any Chatterous group once this is complete.

How do I delete a message from the group history?

You can delete a message from a group only if you are an admin or a group owner. To delete a message, go to the group history and click the "delete" link beside the message you want to remove.